Thursday, April 30, 2009

3+1 Factoids about Mabel

  1. My new fave author is Tamora Pierce. She writes YA fiction, and the majority of the characters are "sheroes", which I love. I originally read "Alanna" when I was in intermediate (cir. 1983), and followed the series to the conclusion 3 books later. I thought that was it. I have been pleasantly surprised that Tammy had dropped a book just about every year since then, making her publications equal to Ti'a's age. She writes great short, but complex plots, and I love her characters. And I also hate some of her characters.
  2. I am lactose indecisive. Some days, I can consume milk like a little baby calf, and have no issues. Other days, it's a symphony. NO, I think a cacophony.
  3. I recently discovered that I love the look of multi-mix snapdragon blossoms and violas. My husband is the direct reason for this. He is part of the grounds team at UNC Charlotte and he shows me all the flowers he plants around campus. He tells me he thinks of me when he is planting and beautifying. ( Ok, I'm just kidding. That is too gag-me-sweet-honeymoon-thoughts even for me.)
  4. I love these songs. "Sereima" and "Falealili Uma" and of course this one too "Hey Girl"


Margaret said...

bought a bunch of flowers yesterday for co-workers. altho i'm not a big fan myself, being in the shop got me thinking that they aren't so bad! a lil pricey tho! love3 u.