Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Night Tickles...

*Jun is back in school, after a wonderful summer break. Ready to hit the turf! My OG is literally the OG when it comes to classes. BTW, my man is a 4.0 student. I've never dated such a smart nerd. Let's whip that math prep this semester!
*After a long break , Beenie is back in school. What do you get when you add FULL OVERLOAD COURSES+FULL TIME JOB? Answer: Tired girl who stays home on the weekends to finish up homewok and get ahead. Good choice Beenie, I'm here if you need me.
*Amiri is a 2nd grader at Morehead (good for your forehead) with homework on the very first day. Which he finished over half while riding in the car to pick up Elijah-Roo. That deserved a double scoop of Rainbow Sherbet.
*Mally does the bootydoo dance ANYWHERE...including the exit door from Senior Nursery when all the parents are awaiting their three year-old toddlers. BTW, he is the best dancer and singer in his class of 12 toddlers. I'm not being biased. The other kids never even heard of the "Stanky Legg".
*Elijah Roo gained 11 oz and he is officially 1month old (as of last week). He is a great little fighter, and he loves to do "Kangaroo Care" with Auntie Mabel. Actually, what baby wouldn't?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Band of Brothers or Why I LOVE My Sister's Maternity Capris.

Rachel HolyBoat cleans out her closet that is more than a walk in -(I call it a run-in)-at least quarterly. Many a time, many an outfit that I currently wear are the fruits of her labors to empty out her shelter for fashion. My latest run-in with her walk-in yeilded some tops that I thought would be nice and flowy on me, I loved the colors and I loved the price i.e. free. Then she told me to try on the ensembles including a few maternity capris.

"Um, no thanks," I said with a sarcastic tone. "I don't want to wear your Band of Brothers pants".
"Eh, shut up. Just try em, if you don't like them, just give them back." she said while making her big eyes even bigger.
I put them on, one leg at a time. I pulled them over my full-grown calves(aka cows) and thunderous thighs and hula hips and belly-licious rolls and they still kept going.
Past the saddle bags. Past the love handles. Past the point of no return for most of my bottoms.
But something was different. These pants fit. They really fit!
And then the 4 inch stretch waist band that is in place to support big ol' preggytummy women settled right where it was meant to. AHHHHH. Comfort and support like I've never known.
NO more slowly suffocating via my tight waisted-metal buttoned jeans.
No more showing of the TOE. You know what I'm talking about-Camelitis Toe Showitis.
Multi-tasking of the following are now possible: Eating, Breathing and Walking
I have found HEAVEN and it's name is elastic.
Or, Band of Brothers.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fill-ups on Our life...

*Funny new curse word: Crepe. Yes, as in the flat pancake. Try it in place of it's more profane cousin. Ex. "Your so full of crepe." "That's a load of crepe." "Holy Crepe!"

*Baby Elijah update: He's home and doing well. Spent the night with us, and he was easy as pie. Elijah Pie. FYI-He was born 9 weeks early, and weighed in at 4lbs6oz, but he is a SURVIVOR and he is a fighter. Love you Elijah!

*Brother Ti'a: Visiting us for a few weeks here in the Durty. Glad to see him and as always, the laughs are never contained.

*Cultivating Friendships @ Relief Society: Gave a presentation at Enrichment night this week. Rocked their worlds with "Talofa Tips" which included these gems:
T-Take the lead.
A-Advertise your interests.
L-Learn to listen.
O-Offer service often.
F-Find new things to try.
A-Alofa means "LOVE".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G'Day Mates...Here's some Factoids-Updates

1. I've been on vacay since June 30. I went to Utah for my cousin Leonne's wedding via Las Vegas. Got a chance to visit with Pam and family. The kids are all grown up and amazing. In Utah, got a chance to help out with preparations AND visit with so many of my 1st cousins and their kids. That was priceless. Went to Hawaii for the Laughing Samoans/Adeaze concert put on by our friend every year. I am SO IN LOVE with Adeaze now...I'm a groupie. Got a chance to hang with The Beens A LOT and I loved it. Also stayed in Laie for a weekend and chilled with Nalia and family and enjoyed Laie Bash. ATE ATE ATE my way to Nirvana in Hawaii. Jun and I almost had to check in our butts as extra luggage. Back home to Charlotte as of last week, but still on "staycation" mode. Life is GRAND!

2. I am an Aunty again and again and again. This year has been fruitful for our families. Welcome to the following new additions this year: Salem Taosoga (Harold/Taeao) Arianna Magalei (TJ/Carey) Elijah Mitchell (Rachel/Royce) Memphis Hunkin (Dallas/Brittany) Tau Hunkin (Isaiah/Saipai). Still waiting on Baby Girl Hunkin (Daniel/Brandy) and Baby Faaola (Edith/Semaia).

3. I have internet access all the time now. Free laptop+Free internet=Free music+Free recipes+Free books. What does that really equal? FREE FUN!

4. It's Anne McCaffrey month at the Taosoga library. Many of you may not know that I started a personal reading challenge to myself in 2007. I wanted to see how many books I could read at a leisurely pace, to occupy my former TV/Compy time. I also added a few goals regarding that reading, like making sure to hit all the J.K. Rowlings each year, as well as my alltime favorite book-The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. My count for 2007-2008 was 45. I'm currently at 54, with a little more than 3 weeks left. Hoping to finish Ms. McCaffrey's Acorna series in that time, as well as HP 5/6/7. Don't know if it will happen without sacrificing my eyes.