Sunday, August 23, 2009

Band of Brothers or Why I LOVE My Sister's Maternity Capris.

Rachel HolyBoat cleans out her closet that is more than a walk in -(I call it a run-in)-at least quarterly. Many a time, many an outfit that I currently wear are the fruits of her labors to empty out her shelter for fashion. My latest run-in with her walk-in yeilded some tops that I thought would be nice and flowy on me, I loved the colors and I loved the price i.e. free. Then she told me to try on the ensembles including a few maternity capris.

"Um, no thanks," I said with a sarcastic tone. "I don't want to wear your Band of Brothers pants".
"Eh, shut up. Just try em, if you don't like them, just give them back." she said while making her big eyes even bigger.
I put them on, one leg at a time. I pulled them over my full-grown calves(aka cows) and thunderous thighs and hula hips and belly-licious rolls and they still kept going.
Past the saddle bags. Past the love handles. Past the point of no return for most of my bottoms.
But something was different. These pants fit. They really fit!
And then the 4 inch stretch waist band that is in place to support big ol' preggytummy women settled right where it was meant to. AHHHHH. Comfort and support like I've never known.
NO more slowly suffocating via my tight waisted-metal buttoned jeans.
No more showing of the TOE. You know what I'm talking about-Camelitis Toe Showitis.
Multi-tasking of the following are now possible: Eating, Breathing and Walking
I have found HEAVEN and it's name is elastic.
Or, Band of Brothers.


Margaret said...

this one is they make prematernity pants? maybe i should just give up shopping in juniors lol. but their clothes are so exciting!