Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day Wishes...

Something else I found. I know I'm a bit early, especially for the Mother's Day wish, but here it is... May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.
All I can add is that as a product of Hawaii Public School education, I will always want to wear a lei on May 1st and sing some kind of song in a language other than English.
To date, I have sung in Hawaiian, playing the ipu.
Slammed the bamboos for the "Tinikling"
And then of course, they put all the chubby kids to work as narrators. Oh wait, it was cause I was a great reader. It was a coincidence that I was chubby. LOL

3+1 Factoids about Mabel

  1. My new fave author is Tamora Pierce. She writes YA fiction, and the majority of the characters are "sheroes", which I love. I originally read "Alanna" when I was in intermediate (cir. 1983), and followed the series to the conclusion 3 books later. I thought that was it. I have been pleasantly surprised that Tammy had dropped a book just about every year since then, making her publications equal to Ti'a's age. She writes great short, but complex plots, and I love her characters. And I also hate some of her characters.
  2. I am lactose indecisive. Some days, I can consume milk like a little baby calf, and have no issues. Other days, it's a symphony. NO, I think a cacophony.
  3. I recently discovered that I love the look of multi-mix snapdragon blossoms and violas. My husband is the direct reason for this. He is part of the grounds team at UNC Charlotte and he shows me all the flowers he plants around campus. He tells me he thinks of me when he is planting and beautifying. ( Ok, I'm just kidding. That is too gag-me-sweet-honeymoon-thoughts even for me.)
  4. I love these songs. "Sereima" and "Falealili Uma" and of course this one too "Hey Girl"

Mother's Day Wish

Happy Mother's and Grandmother's Day
Vaitinasa Salusalumalomamealeleimoleatunu'u Hunkin-Finau

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April with my boys...

Forget NCAA championship games, I just watched 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (mixed teams) battle it out at the 4th Annual Intramural Basketball championships at Grier Elementary. Max did an awesome job in Game 1, placing their team in the semi-finals. He was a super supporter in the championship game, showing good team spirit and positive attitude. Let me tell you, there was some intense spectators, energizing cheerleaders and refs were in danger, like in every "real" game situation.

AJ has had an awesome month of accomplishments that have included another stellar report card, getting to eat at a Pizza Party for getting enough points in his weekly Math Superstars homework, and being one of the class co-supervisors -basically, if other students are stuck or need more help and Mrs. Bunn is busy, they can go and ask Amiri. He always knows the answer.

Mally-Boy can talk. We just haven't caught on. When we picked him up to go to Max's game, he told us" Babasop. Me cut hair at babasop. Me go Mah baskball game. Go Mah. Me too. Junie bye bye. Me too. Me shoe. Go Blue. Yeah Mah. JJ fafa me. Qtip bie Tay's soo." Then he did the "Stanky Leg" in the cafeteria and more women fell in love with him.
Just. Like. Me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Raining Love...Halleluyer!

I'm so blessed, my heart is not merely full, it overflows.
The love of the right man has made me a better woman. These changes are not skin deep so much as they are soul deep. What were buds in my personality, have taken firm root and have begun to blossom.
Humility. Patience. Charity. Non-judging. Grace. Positive self-image.
I don't care that it may be self-indulgent, but today is the day I remember how we began.
Here we still are.
I love you Jun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blog On Demand...

So I have been complaining to Jun and Beenie that they are always the last ones to read my blogs. And here we are at the blog center (a.k.a. Library) and Jun asks me (Get ready for a shocker) "You don't have a new blog?" Like I've neglected him or something. And just a few days ago, Ms. Beenie told me "Nice blog on how you spent your day with the boys."
Is that what I think it is? Dare I say it? VALIDATION from extrinsic sources? Not to diminish my wonderful followers who faithfully login and read and leave me a msg. But Jun and Beenie? My husband and daughter? Are they, could they possibly be, fans of MumsTheWord-Mabel? Well, welcome aboard, and to all you closet readers-my self esteem is healthy enough to imagine secret admirers who want to know what's going on in my youniverse-our journey continues.

New Things:
Junius, my ever humble and hard-working husband, has bartered us new furniture. He started with a computer desk (computer included!) last year. Last month, 4 seater glass and brass dinette set. This week, matching couch and loveseat, another glass and brass coffee table with 2 end tables and a big old soft and comfy "Daddy" recliner that matches. It's only about 4 years old, but looks new. Did I mention that he's smart? All it cost him: 50 hrs working lawns with a co-worker. Love it.
*P.S. This is by far the nicest furniture that I've ever owned.

Recurring Things:
Next week Sunday, Jun and I will celebrate 3 years of US! Of course, we are reminiscing all the fun and laughs from those days. Like every couple that has been together for a while, we argue over who liked who and who did what and on and on. (BTW, I asked him on a date, since I couldn't risk turning 40 before he got over his shyness!)Again, who knew love in your middle aged years could be so rejuvenating? Love him.

Short Cuts I Love:
Maybe you all knew, but I have only recently discovered this neat little trick. I use bisquick mix to start the best bar cookies I've ever had. I have made PB-Double Chips and Oatmeal-Raisin bar cookies with my short cut. They come out crispy and not too sweet, and they are so easy. Do you want the recipe? Let me know. My hips are starting to show how much I love this short cut.

Nursery 101:
I'm at month #4 with my new nursery class. I see so much progress it makes me like kids all over again. No, but seriously, it isn't perfect, there are still some days that challenge my CTR instincts. But overall, they are starting to grow on me, and I'm even hugging some of them. And they are even starting to run to me for hugs. Kids...they can be so cute sometimes.
P.S. Then the bell rings and they go back to Mom and Dad and I can recharge for next week all over again.

Hey Jun, if you're reading this, thanks for pressing the "Blog On Demand" button today!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

three and free factoids about me and me blog...

Factoid #1) The name of this blogger layout is "Soul Blossoming". I loved it instantly for the color scheme and the layered meanings in the title. It speaks to me of spring, and rebirth and the pretty things in this world. And yes, I was surprised that I loved it despite it's lack of Easterly pastels.

Factoid #2) I spend on average of 30 hours a month on the phone. And I have gazillions of minutes left to spare. So, if you want to chat...

Factoid #3) I still strive to be as positive as possible. It's sometimes hard when I feel like I am a newly born person struggling with old baggage and issues. Couldn't I just get hit with temporary selective amnesia that sends a mental pop-up like your computer does before it proceeds to an action? I mean, could I just check the box labeled "Do NOT ask me this again?" and really mean it when I start to travel that downward spiral? Can I just ignore that saucy invitation to a pity party? Am I, as Jun would say, a "drummer"?

Well, I've hit the limit of free factoids for this month. Tune in next time...

A Regular day...

AJ just "snuck" past me with a bag of powdered donuts that he was waiting to grind, as soon as Malachi fell asleep.
We've had a wonderful weekend here with the boys, with some unexpectedly summery spring weather and time together.
Here's how our day went.
6:00 Mally up and ready to go, I had Jun put him on the potty, and he went, and straight after said "light off" and snuggled up to both of us. AJ still snoring away.
7:00 After lots of coercion from Mally, Jun decided to cancel his side-job for today and we all cheered "HOORAY". Jun is the best and most fun person when we are in a group. Had some toasted peach bread with real butter and some boiled eggs and grapefruit.(*only the eggs were boiled, btw.)
8:45 Mally and I take a short lap around the block on his trike. He provided most of the locomotion, I just guided with the detachable handle-thank you Radio Flyer for making the classic red kid's trike with a detachable handle! Jun starts the laundry. (Seriously, I'm the luckiest girl on the planet!)
9:30 Back home and time to switch with Jun. AJ still sleeping. Who does he get that from???
11:30 Mally screams that he wants hotdogs, so Jun has to go buy some more since Mr. AJ woke up in time for lunch and ate the last one. I ask Jun to pick up a loaf of bread too.
12:30 Jun and Mally return from the store about 3 minutes down the road from our house. Along with the pepa sosisi and falaoa, there is also soda, apple sauce, donuts, and ice pops. Jun says "In my defense, Mally picked the applesauce, donuts and ice pops." He needs to get better legal counsel.
1:30 Jun and Mally and AJ have been outside playing and waiting for a warmer time to go to the park/school playground. I try to force-nap Mally, but he resists oh so effectively. Fwam.
2:30 The whole gang packs up water and selves to go to the schoolyard. Mally falls asleep during the 7 minute car ride to the schoolyard. For the next 45 minutes. Double Fwam. AJ joins in a pick-up game with some random strangers and works on b-ball skill building.
3:45 Mally has played all he wants and promptly tells us "I'm ready" and starts to buckle up his own car seat. We head to our gloriously large 2 bedroom apartment and serve them some rainbow sherbet and saltines. (Gross, but the boys love it.)
4:45 After some chasing around our bedroom, followed by compulsory jumping and rolling about on our mattress(AJ and Mally), we head back to the Buckleigh house. All happy and well-snacked.
5:00 Jun and Mally and I head out to do trike lap #3, and AJ goes off to search for fun in the sun with his friends.
6:00 Home to start dinner and let the boys hang out with Uncle.
7:00 Unexpected phone call from sister in Japan(phonemes, and sight words and crafts and Tet, oh my!)
8:00 Feed the boys rice and shoyu chicken (always a winner) and discover that AJ can pound some rice.
9:00 Clean up and finish the laundry that Jun started earlier this morning, and set up the living room for family movie night.
9:05 After a vote of approval from AJ, we start "E.T.". Within the first minute, Malachi is snuggled up to me, and AJ joins him. We move to the bigger couch, and Jun joins us.
10:45 Movie done, and AJ still awake and eating aforementioned powdered donuts. (I have a hunch that sleeping in may have a direct correlation to donuts and being wide awake when all others are glassy eyed. Must investigate.)
11:15 Daily call from my awesome daughter Beenie. Chat for about 10, and tell each other we love the other.
11:00 Begin this blog with a smile in my heart for all the blessings that are in my life

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Wannabe Just Like Her...

Just wanted to share this video clip of Ellen and Jennifer Hudson.
The Taosogas of NC are fans of Ellen. You have to understand something first, Jun doesn't really watch daytime TV. But more often than not, at 5pm EST, he is asking me "What's on Ellen?". He loves her for her witty humor, but more than that, her down to earth personality that is welcoming and comforting to guests and viewers.
Well, this season Ellen has a feature she calls the Bathroom Concert series. Who would put them self next to Jennifer Hudson and sing?
Ellen isn't a singer. She never said she was. But she puts her best and funniest self out there and it's hilarious.
I just want to say to both of them "YOU HIT IT SIS!