Saturday, April 25, 2009

April with my boys...

Forget NCAA championship games, I just watched 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (mixed teams) battle it out at the 4th Annual Intramural Basketball championships at Grier Elementary. Max did an awesome job in Game 1, placing their team in the semi-finals. He was a super supporter in the championship game, showing good team spirit and positive attitude. Let me tell you, there was some intense spectators, energizing cheerleaders and refs were in danger, like in every "real" game situation.

AJ has had an awesome month of accomplishments that have included another stellar report card, getting to eat at a Pizza Party for getting enough points in his weekly Math Superstars homework, and being one of the class co-supervisors -basically, if other students are stuck or need more help and Mrs. Bunn is busy, they can go and ask Amiri. He always knows the answer.

Mally-Boy can talk. We just haven't caught on. When we picked him up to go to Max's game, he told us" Babasop. Me cut hair at babasop. Me go Mah baskball game. Go Mah. Me too. Junie bye bye. Me too. Me shoe. Go Blue. Yeah Mah. JJ fafa me. Qtip bie Tay's soo." Then he did the "Stanky Leg" in the cafeteria and more women fell in love with him.
Just. Like. Me.


Margaret said... do you do that? the way you lay out your boyblogs make me feel like i'm there. december--get ready! thanks for the updates. and yes, i understand malachi. i am sure seeing the stanky leg in person would be MUCH better. lol. another fan in osaka - aunty marge