Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blog On Demand...

So I have been complaining to Jun and Beenie that they are always the last ones to read my blogs. And here we are at the blog center (a.k.a. Library) and Jun asks me (Get ready for a shocker) "You don't have a new blog?" Like I've neglected him or something. And just a few days ago, Ms. Beenie told me "Nice blog on how you spent your day with the boys."
Is that what I think it is? Dare I say it? VALIDATION from extrinsic sources? Not to diminish my wonderful followers who faithfully login and read and leave me a msg. But Jun and Beenie? My husband and daughter? Are they, could they possibly be, fans of MumsTheWord-Mabel? Well, welcome aboard, and to all you closet readers-my self esteem is healthy enough to imagine secret admirers who want to know what's going on in my youniverse-our journey continues.

New Things:
Junius, my ever humble and hard-working husband, has bartered us new furniture. He started with a computer desk (computer included!) last year. Last month, 4 seater glass and brass dinette set. This week, matching couch and loveseat, another glass and brass coffee table with 2 end tables and a big old soft and comfy "Daddy" recliner that matches. It's only about 4 years old, but looks new. Did I mention that he's smart? All it cost him: 50 hrs working lawns with a co-worker. Love it.
*P.S. This is by far the nicest furniture that I've ever owned.

Recurring Things:
Next week Sunday, Jun and I will celebrate 3 years of US! Of course, we are reminiscing all the fun and laughs from those days. Like every couple that has been together for a while, we argue over who liked who and who did what and on and on. (BTW, I asked him on a date, since I couldn't risk turning 40 before he got over his shyness!)Again, who knew love in your middle aged years could be so rejuvenating? Love him.

Short Cuts I Love:
Maybe you all knew, but I have only recently discovered this neat little trick. I use bisquick mix to start the best bar cookies I've ever had. I have made PB-Double Chips and Oatmeal-Raisin bar cookies with my short cut. They come out crispy and not too sweet, and they are so easy. Do you want the recipe? Let me know. My hips are starting to show how much I love this short cut.

Nursery 101:
I'm at month #4 with my new nursery class. I see so much progress it makes me like kids all over again. No, but seriously, it isn't perfect, there are still some days that challenge my CTR instincts. But overall, they are starting to grow on me, and I'm even hugging some of them. And they are even starting to run to me for hugs. Kids...they can be so cute sometimes.
P.S. Then the bell rings and they go back to Mom and Dad and I can recharge for next week all over again.

Hey Jun, if you're reading this, thanks for pressing the "Blog On Demand" button today!


Mabeleen said...

i read ur blogs!
love you mom,
love your daughter

Margaret said...

wt...? you mean 1) not everyone comments? and 2) you didn't know they were already fans? PS i want the short cut recipe. the cost of decent cookies here is ruining my ongoing quest for bigger hips/booty! l3u!