Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer is officially OVER.

Yesterday, summer ended for me. It was a long one. Began on June 21st, as usual. I have spent the last quarter of a year moving and going and doing and losing and gaining and sleeping and napping and all-nitering and then and then and then...

Mom came for a week. She did baby duty, including baby doody, which is really unusual. She also made mussel oka, which was OKA OKA! There are some things that Mom will always make best,and that was one of them. She's back in Samoa now and we miss her.
Margaret-o and Tetsuya were here on a whirlwind visit to Charlotte. They came. They saw. They conquered. It was too fun and as always, too short. Mecha Sugoi! and Mecha Sayakuya! all in one.
Ti'a "Asomaletonu" returned to DC after a month long visit as well. I laughed my abs into one big lump while soiling my own pants multiple times laughing at his antics. I know, TMI, but that's why you are reading my blog, isn't it?
Amiri and Malachi are back to the school schedule and fighting it, like boys will. I mean, what magic happens at 8:30 that requires them to be in bed? (Their thoughts that I have picked up via telepathy)
Elijah is a big fat WORM that weighs 9+ lbs! I couldn't be more proud of his progress if I were a sumo stable master. OH yeah, and he is officially born, since his due date of 9/21 came and went. And he is now two months old as of 9/22.
Jun and I are enjoying our schedule with the Nephs, and looking forward to Christmas. Jun likes the colder weather, and I like the music and food. Okay, he likes the food too.
This year came and went so fast. Where did it all go?
A few more days and my baby make 21. Can't wait.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And how could I forget the most famous character? Ti'a aka Smokey (duh)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cast of Friday...Durty South Edition


Amiri aka Craig. He is throwing down the deuces for Monkey Joe's.

Here's Malachi aka Deebo...Quick, hide your stuff, he's coming!

Here's Elijah aka BIG WORM! Don't mess with the faux-hawk.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Count von Jefferson of Buckleigh Street...Aah aah aah aah aah...

HOLY COW! Malachi knows how to count from 1 to 10 all by himself.

I'm not sure when this happened.
Maybe his teachers at Little Hedgepeth Academy, Miss Stacey and Miss Jessica, actually have a curriculum and daily lessons.
Maybe he has heard AJ counting and he always copies AJ.
Maybe he learned it from all the hours of hide and go seek.
Maybe because we are always telling him to do a feau while we count how long it takes.
Maybe because I used to do that to his mother when she was a young child and so he is genetically predisposed to counting.
What ever the reason, we salute you Count von Jefferson...the Original Pimp from Buckleigh Street!
Aah aah aah aah aah!

Texting Whoas and Hos by Ti'a and Mabel

Scene: Rachel's kitchen table and living room.

Time: 9 pm-ish
Characters: Ti'a and Mabel-why am I not surprised?
Background: Jun is upstairs with Amiri and Malachi, Ti'a is watching the US Open, but wants to watch "Changeling" on DVD with someone, and Mabel is busy farming online in the kitchen. It's been a long Labor Day. Mabel has just announced to Ti'a that she finally got a txt msg plan, since Rachel and Ti'a looovvvve to text to her instead of calling. Ti'a relays the information that he discovered that he texts over 100 times a day. It has been about 2 weeks since Rachel shared some of her ringtones from her blackberry via bluetooth with Ti'a. Mabel's phone was unable to receive the shared ringtones.
Mabel is also obsessed with online farming on FB.

SPOKEN approx 9:05
Ti'a: Mabel, I want to watch "Changeling", hurry up!
Mabel: Just a minute, I'm almost done planting my new crops.
Ti'a: Okay, I'm gonna smoke a cigarette and then we're gonna watch Angelina!
Mabel: Okay, okay. I've gotta use the bathroom then I'll be there.

Ring ring ding a ring ding a ring (generic phone tone to indicate a text msg has been received on Mabel's phone.)
Ti'a to Mabel 9:14p->Computer ho!
Mabel to Ti'a 9:16->U would know ole hoe
Ti'a to Mabel 9:17p->Changeling ho!
Mabel to Ti'al 9:17p->Change your diaper ho
Ti'a to Mabel 9:44p->Changel!
Mabel to Ti'a 9:49p->Tennis ball ho
Ti'a to Mabel 9:49p->Lmao toilet ho!
Mabel to Ti'a9:51p->100 Per day Texting ho
Ti'a to Mabel 9:52p->Late txt msg plan having ho!
Mabel to Ti'a 9:54p->Pay as you go cricket phone ho
CRAZY TI'A LAUGHTER ENSUES FOR TWO MINUTES...Plus, Ti'a has to give Mabel a high five for a good comeback
Ti'a to Mabel 9:56p->scared to death to get a text cuz of overage charges ass ho lol
Mabel to Ti'a 9:59p->Can't get a contract cause me and all my sisters owe the phone company ass ho
Ti'a to Mabel 9:59p->No ringtone default tmobile ring ho lol
Mabel to Ti'a 10:00p->Blue tooth is the only way i can get ring tones ho
Ti'a to Mabel 10:02p->Fake blackberry strawberry ass ho

Gotta love that lil ho...