Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer is officially OVER.

Yesterday, summer ended for me. It was a long one. Began on June 21st, as usual. I have spent the last quarter of a year moving and going and doing and losing and gaining and sleeping and napping and all-nitering and then and then and then...

Mom came for a week. She did baby duty, including baby doody, which is really unusual. She also made mussel oka, which was OKA OKA! There are some things that Mom will always make best,and that was one of them. She's back in Samoa now and we miss her.
Margaret-o and Tetsuya were here on a whirlwind visit to Charlotte. They came. They saw. They conquered. It was too fun and as always, too short. Mecha Sugoi! and Mecha Sayakuya! all in one.
Ti'a "Asomaletonu" returned to DC after a month long visit as well. I laughed my abs into one big lump while soiling my own pants multiple times laughing at his antics. I know, TMI, but that's why you are reading my blog, isn't it?
Amiri and Malachi are back to the school schedule and fighting it, like boys will. I mean, what magic happens at 8:30 that requires them to be in bed? (Their thoughts that I have picked up via telepathy)
Elijah is a big fat WORM that weighs 9+ lbs! I couldn't be more proud of his progress if I were a sumo stable master. OH yeah, and he is officially born, since his due date of 9/21 came and went. And he is now two months old as of 9/22.
Jun and I are enjoying our schedule with the Nephs, and looking forward to Christmas. Jun likes the colder weather, and I like the music and food. Okay, he likes the food too.
This year came and went so fast. Where did it all go?
A few more days and my baby make 21. Can't wait.


Margaret said...

nice wrap-up...the years fly by faster as we get older. funny, huh? keep up the blogging. :)