Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Wannabe Just Like Her...

Just wanted to share this video clip of Ellen and Jennifer Hudson.
The Taosogas of NC are fans of Ellen. You have to understand something first, Jun doesn't really watch daytime TV. But more often than not, at 5pm EST, he is asking me "What's on Ellen?". He loves her for her witty humor, but more than that, her down to earth personality that is welcoming and comforting to guests and viewers.
Well, this season Ellen has a feature she calls the Bathroom Concert series. Who would put them self next to Jennifer Hudson and sing?
Ellen isn't a singer. She never said she was. But she puts her best and funniest self out there and it's hilarious.
I just want to say to both of them "YOU HIT IT SIS!


Ipo said...

Oh how I enjoyed that video clip!! Jennifer Hudson has an incredible voice. And I just love Ellen, she is hilarious. Thanks for sharing this, I loved the laughs!!