Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Night Tickles...

*Jun is back in school, after a wonderful summer break. Ready to hit the turf! My OG is literally the OG when it comes to classes. BTW, my man is a 4.0 student. I've never dated such a smart nerd. Let's whip that math prep this semester!
*After a long break , Beenie is back in school. What do you get when you add FULL OVERLOAD COURSES+FULL TIME JOB? Answer: Tired girl who stays home on the weekends to finish up homewok and get ahead. Good choice Beenie, I'm here if you need me.
*Amiri is a 2nd grader at Morehead (good for your forehead) with homework on the very first day. Which he finished over half while riding in the car to pick up Elijah-Roo. That deserved a double scoop of Rainbow Sherbet.
*Mally does the bootydoo dance ANYWHERE...including the exit door from Senior Nursery when all the parents are awaiting their three year-old toddlers. BTW, he is the best dancer and singer in his class of 12 toddlers. I'm not being biased. The other kids never even heard of the "Stanky Legg".
*Elijah Roo gained 11 oz and he is officially 1month old (as of last week). He is a great little fighter, and he loves to do "Kangaroo Care" with Auntie Mabel. Actually, what baby wouldn't?


Margaret said...

thank you mabel! love the updates. but what about baking, stitching, and other things mabel? lol.