Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Jeopardy for Mabel’s Life

· Category: Toddler Talk and Terrorists During Holidays for $200.
· The Answer: Applehead.
· The Question: What do you call the defensive move characterized by a 3-year old named Paytience hitting your 2-year old nephew Malachi on his head with the nearest fruit the day after Thanksgiving?

· Category: Answering the Callings for $0.
· The Answer: Service.
· The Question: What is the term given to teaching in the Senior Nursery with 10 crazy 3-year olds and teaching in the Wolf Den (Cub Scouts) with 3(soon to be 7) active 8-year old boys in your ward?

· Category: Precipitous Events for $550
· The Answer: Raining On My Parade, and Bed, and Couch, and…
· The Question: What do you call the leak from the 3rd floor sprinkler system that eventually flooded all the way down to our studio last week and requiring us to camp out at Rachel’s for a couple of days and temporarily relocating to a 2 bedroom while we wait for the repairs to be completed?

· Category: Chess for $1000
· The Answer: The Queen aka Mabel.
· The Question: Name the chess piece that has the greatest range on the chess board OR the only female in University City Ward’s Troop 215 leadership?

· Category: Journeys of a Lifetime for $Priceless.
· The Answer: Knowing I’m right where I’m supposed to be and doing what I need to right now.
· The Question: What keeps a middle aged, college grad, unemployed, re-located Islander sane and able to handle the separation from all things familiar and comfortable?

That’s all we have time for. Tune in next month for an exciting new version of “Wheel of Fortunate Happenings that Lead to My Sweet Husband.”


Ipo said...

I can totally relate to the last one...I so feel like it's time to make the journey home to Samoa, permanently. But the answer for me is starting to change to "nothing anymore."

Sounds like you are quite the busy bee in church and scouting...good for you!

Margaret said...

as they say here in 日本, かわいい! (kawaiiiiii). cute blog mei. it made me smile in this wet, cold, land of ridiculous international call charges. i can't even blog about that would taint your g-rated page. lol. love3 the writing. keep it up!