Wednesday, February 11, 2009


“When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Maria the Flaky Novitiate

So our apartment got flooded about a month ago, and we have been able to stay in this bigger apartment for the same price as our older one. How great is that?

Jun can borrow laptops over night from his work. It beats having to sit at his work or school library to do stuff. Anyways, just like in our old apartment, we can get on an open network to access the internet. How great is that?

We bought our small 19” TV last year for $25 and it’s been great. We don’t have cable so I just use the coaxial cable as an antenna and get the local stations. I’m not worried about Feb 17, because we can just get on the internet and watch episodes of our shows that we missed. How great is that?

Jun loves music. He spends the majority of his time on the internet looking for songs he loves. We go on YouTube and Lala-which we just discovered. We can listen to a song as long as we want and then click to the next, no charge. How great is that?

What’s better than a cheap buffet? A cheap buffet that offers coupons regularly. How great is that?

Love is the best four letter word ever. Happy VD to all!


Ipo said...

thanks for making me smile today, mabel. and that you-tube thing, i just discovered it this is awesome! i love the positive vibes you got going on today! love it!

Margaret said...

the best things in life are free! -janet version-