Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Field is Un-Harvestable...

Trapped on my old computer at home are some 20+ pieces that I have worked on since September.
I am currently unable to transfer them from the dinosaurean relic of a desktop that I have to the new fangled comps here at Junius's work-school-library.
I also found at least 5 other pieces, in longhand, that were tucked away in my yellow and blue composition books that I tabbed last year.
Can I just say that reading my own writing after a year of forgetting was a treat. I actually had forgotten what I wrote, so each piece was a surprise. Some of the surprises were surprisingly good.
But then again, my writing is like my cooking.
I always love what I cook.


marge said...

start where you're at. it would be an even better treat to see how you would improve those treasures you found. i'm glad you put your blog up on all your old haunts (bebo, myspace). even if people don't comment, trust me, they're reading! keep writing (and cooking, and knitting, and goal-ing) mei. thanks for your card. i put it on my 1/3 fridge (not an easy feat!). love3 u

Mabel said...

Maki pushes make it possible.

Ipo said...

What a nice surprise to see that you are on my payroll to read my blog!! I love your writing, so now that I have your blog, you can bet I'll be coming by often to devour your delectable offerings!! I have also seriously considered eliminating my other social network pages, too much already. Well, here's to blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, So I haven't read any of the "TWILIGHT" books but judging from the BOOTLEG DVD that I just watched, you could totally write a better series than that. I was not impressed at all. I actually felt disturbed after watching it and that's weird being that she's LDS. Oh well, to each his own. But yeah, hurry up and get your J.K. Rowling on. Maki can get the non-fiction game on lock and then I'll start my hip hop magazine. LOL!