Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G'Day Mates...Here's some Factoids-Updates

1. I've been on vacay since June 30. I went to Utah for my cousin Leonne's wedding via Las Vegas. Got a chance to visit with Pam and family. The kids are all grown up and amazing. In Utah, got a chance to help out with preparations AND visit with so many of my 1st cousins and their kids. That was priceless. Went to Hawaii for the Laughing Samoans/Adeaze concert put on by our friend every year. I am SO IN LOVE with Adeaze now...I'm a groupie. Got a chance to hang with The Beens A LOT and I loved it. Also stayed in Laie for a weekend and chilled with Nalia and family and enjoyed Laie Bash. ATE ATE ATE my way to Nirvana in Hawaii. Jun and I almost had to check in our butts as extra luggage. Back home to Charlotte as of last week, but still on "staycation" mode. Life is GRAND!

2. I am an Aunty again and again and again. This year has been fruitful for our families. Welcome to the following new additions this year: Salem Taosoga (Harold/Taeao) Arianna Magalei (TJ/Carey) Elijah Mitchell (Rachel/Royce) Memphis Hunkin (Dallas/Brittany) Tau Hunkin (Isaiah/Saipai). Still waiting on Baby Girl Hunkin (Daniel/Brandy) and Baby Faaola (Edith/Semaia).

3. I have internet access all the time now. Free laptop+Free internet=Free music+Free recipes+Free books. What does that really equal? FREE FUN!

4. It's Anne McCaffrey month at the Taosoga library. Many of you may not know that I started a personal reading challenge to myself in 2007. I wanted to see how many books I could read at a leisurely pace, to occupy my former TV/Compy time. I also added a few goals regarding that reading, like making sure to hit all the J.K. Rowlings each year, as well as my alltime favorite book-The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. My count for 2007-2008 was 45. I'm currently at 54, with a little more than 3 weeks left. Hoping to finish Ms. McCaffrey's Acorna series in that time, as well as HP 5/6/7. Don't know if it will happen without sacrificing my eyes.