Friday, August 21, 2009

Fill-ups on Our life...

*Funny new curse word: Crepe. Yes, as in the flat pancake. Try it in place of it's more profane cousin. Ex. "Your so full of crepe." "That's a load of crepe." "Holy Crepe!"

*Baby Elijah update: He's home and doing well. Spent the night with us, and he was easy as pie. Elijah Pie. FYI-He was born 9 weeks early, and weighed in at 4lbs6oz, but he is a SURVIVOR and he is a fighter. Love you Elijah!

*Brother Ti'a: Visiting us for a few weeks here in the Durty. Glad to see him and as always, the laughs are never contained.

*Cultivating Friendships @ Relief Society: Gave a presentation at Enrichment night this week. Rocked their worlds with "Talofa Tips" which included these gems:
T-Take the lead.
A-Advertise your interests.
L-Learn to listen.
O-Offer service often.
F-Find new things to try.
A-Alofa means "LOVE".