Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mini-Me Mabeleen

I got a call at 8:30 am, NC time. It was from Beenie and I was immediately worried. Even with daylight savings in effect, she was calling me at 3:30 am, HI time.
I knew when I said hello that something was bothering her. She asked me if I was okay, and I say to her, I'm okay, are you okay? She had a bad dream about me and wanted to know if I was really alright. She was choked up and still in the grips of the nightmare that put the suggestion in her head.

I have had those kinds of dreams and wake up crying, or many times, need to be woken up because I am either whimpering or bawling hard out in my sleep. Maybe that's why I always give such startled reactions when someone wakes me up. Jun says that he knows I am fake sleeping when he has to call out to me more than two times. In fact, it is actually Ms. Beenie who gets a kick out of waking me up when I am sleeping and waiting for the ensuing shocked voice/face action that follows.
It reminded me of me, except I get to be the comforter now, instead of the comforted.