Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday is for TV.

I have always been a TV bug.

I used to wake up, or at least try to force my peepers open at 6 am every Saturday so I could maximize my TV watching time. Imagine, I would literally use my fingers to pry open my eyes while my sibs all slept. Did I even enjoy TV in that tortured state? Duh. Yes.
So no surprise that as I have grown older, I still enjoy my TV moments. But to be fair, this past few years I have dwindled my time down. Partly due to the fact that we don't have cable-and it hasn't been as bad as I would have thought. Also, in large part to my LOVE of the Internet.
Anyways, Thursdays this Fall 2009 has been dedicated to the following shows: Fringe, Survivor Samoa, Grey's, and Private Practice.
Fringe is an X-filesish show that has creepy quirky plot lines, but we watch because one the main characters-Walter Bishop - is flippin' hilarious. One of his more memorable lines: "I ate that hot pepper once. The flatulence was terrible."
Survivor Samoa has one main reason we watch: Russell H. That little pygmy makes me laugh with how much scheming and conniving he does. He could almost be a real Hamo.
Grey's and PP are my so-so shows. I mean, if I get a chance to catch them, I'm cool. If not, I'm cool.
Finally, just as an afterthought...Wednesday is also for TV. I am a GLEEK! If you don't know what that means, go ahead and Google it. I always cry when I watch Glee. Always!!
And as another afterthought, I haven't watched as much TV cause I like to get on the Internet. But guess what I do when I get on the Internet?
Watch the TV shows I missed on the network websites of HULU.
Like I said. I have always been a TV bug.