Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny! Quack!

Running here and there, and finally arriving.

Finished my RS presentation last week Thursday, and I was fully focused on it for the week leading up to it. BTW, it was on my dad's birthday, and he would have been 67 years old.
I found out some things about myself, that, even though I am gonna be 38, I was still surprised to discover:
1) Beenie's rigidly fixated attitude toward some tasks is partly a genetic inheritance from me. In my need to complete the handouts to be a "perfect" copy of what they suggested, I spent too much money, time and stress. Had I just used that as a jumping off point, I would have been able to save money, time and stress.
2) I approach each "teaching" experience as a performance, so with that, I get the performance anxiety that accompanies a performer.
3) I try to be as good as I always remember my Mom was when she gave talks. She ROCKS! If you have never heard her present, in Samoan or English, you've missed half your life.
4) I missed my immediate family as I was sharing my message with my ward family.
5) My message was based on a story titled "Welcome to Holland" and you should all read it if you get a chance.

You may wonder at the title, so here is a little insight.
My mother's youngest sister, Arlene, who was hands down the coolest and most hip aunty that ever walked this planet, called us one Easter with this greeting. She's gone now, but these words and the little joke embedded in it always remind me of her. It is my traditional Easter sentiment since I was in 5th grade.

BTW, if you have time, go to my sister's blog and get a look into her life and a good ol' laugh as well.


Margaret said...

love3 it! "quack" brings back so many good memories huh? where's your talk? that's what i wanna read. lol. i was JUST talking about mom's bomb speeches to a friend last night because i went to a training that was...shall i say, anti-climactic in comparison. *sigh* i should just enjoy the little holland talks people will always give next to my fia italian sophia loren mama. hope you are well and thank you for reading. is everyone else you recommended ready? in japan we say "shoganai" meaning "that's life." :)

Ipo said...

Oh Mabel. I love the story. I so know what it is like to have a child who is 'less able.' It was just like the story says, different than anything we ever planned for. This Tues. marks the 4th year anniversary of our little angel's passing. Thanks for sharing that story. Your aunt must have been a great woman to share that story with you all. Thanks again.