Saturday, December 5, 2009

From the mouths of babes...

No, I am not talking about cute guys here.

When entrusted with the raising and training of a child, one must be aware that one's actions affect said child. Whether direct or indirect, that child observes and often times imitates behaviors and attitudes modeled by the parent.
So a word of caution, be very aware that what you say and do in front of those little eyes and ears are being replayed to the general public.
At any given time, with or without prompt, your child says things that reveals what you have said in the privacy of your home. Your child repeats your opinions or statements or prejudices.
Whether of not they are the most brilliant child you have ever seen, they will do this unknowingly. Or worse, very knowingly. Can a child be sneaky and cunning? Be assured that they are very capable of using words as weapons. Especially if their parents use those weapons indiscriminately around them.